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Clinical Fellowship

California Dermatology Institute offers a 1-2 year post-baccalaureate fellowship program for college graduates who intend to apply to graduate school and want to gain patient experience. Fellows will gain expertise in providing high-quality patient care, developing new clinical knowledge and interpersonal skills, and help assist in patient care. 

Clinical Research Fellowship

California Dermatology Institute offers a 1-2 year post-baccalaureate Clinical Trials Coordinator position. He/she will partner with the Principal Investigator, sponsor, and institution to provide guidance and support for each study. Successful applicants will develop skills in planning and conducting clinical trials as well as effective interpersonal and communication skills with study patients in the clinical research setting.

Current and Past Fellows

Shannon Younessi

Albany Medical College

Class of 2022

Student Rotations in a fast-paced dermatology clinic 

California Dermatology Institute invites students in the allied healthcare fields to rotate in our outpatient clinics. Students manage delegated responsibilities with MD oversight and generate new knowledge in dermatology as they are exposed to medical, pediatric, surgical, and cosmetic patients. 

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